Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Island of Lanai

[1]Flickr Link: Lanai Island

Last January, Mario and I went to Maui for the first time. It was the BEST vacation we've had so far. The island is absolutely beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and the people were very warm and friendly.

We learned how to just "hang loose" and relax.

This photo was taken in front of the resort we are staying at in Wailea, which is southwest of Maui. The island in the background is the island of Lanai, which is the smallest of Hawaii’s inhabited islands. It is also known as the Pineapple Island.

In ancient times, Lanai was thought to be overrun with evil spirits. A young man named Kaululaau, the son of a Maui chief, was exiled to Lanai to explore the island and deem it free of such spirits to make Lanai suitable for settling.

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